For centuries, baccarat has been one of the biggest gambling games in the world. It attracts all types of people from all over the world. This game has created a hobby and a passion amongst thousands.


The Beginning of Baccarat

Originating from Italy in the 1400s, baccarat instantly became a game of the aristocrats. It was for the high-end rollers who had the money to play big. France soon became a fan of the game too and before you know it, the whole of Europe was entranced by the game and its thrill.

As time passed, we all met the infamous baccarat player, James Bond. He then became the face of the game; class, sophistication and wisdom. Baccarat was always looked up at as the game of the elite.


The American Baccarat

By the 19th century, baccarat had captured the hearts of the Americans. Starting from the south, the game had changed its name and ways to adapt to the people of that area. And soon enough, this game of luck reached Vegas, soaring high above the tables.


The glamour and charisma that came with the attention and the women made it the biggest game of the casinos. People would watch the rich and wealthy bet all their money on chance. Till today, baccarat is the most-liked and relatively easy game at most of the casinos.


Baccarat in Asia

Today, people enjoy baccarat all over the world. After reaching Asia, the game became lively and spirited. There was illegal side-betting going on alongside each game. The excitement became unbearable.


The game of chance and luck became something that suited their cultural preferences. They believed the pre-determined fate of the game was, in fact, their strategy. Also, the fast-paced nature of the game just added to their buzz.

The Asians added the extra zing to make the game a worldwide hit. Today, casinos in Macau have overthrown Vegas as the biggest casinos in the world.


The Online Casino

Baccarat requires a lot of money to bet and with the added expense of staying and travelling, the game took a lot from one’s pocket. And thus, began a new era. An era of easy, portable fun — online betting.


With the rise in technology, online platforms became increasingly popular. People from one corner of the world were competing with one from the other corner, all in their respective residents and work places.


In Asia, the online betting craze is higher than anywhere else. In Thailand, specifically, there are thousands of sports betting games happening simultaneously. Die-hard fans of the biggest soccer teams add to their thrill by the wonderful game of baccarat.


Online sports betting websites like have reduced businesses for casinos tremendously. People prefer the simple art of making money from their couches and that’s exactly what they are doing. For many, it’s become an actual source of income as well as a hobby.


These online platforms are safe, reliable and convenient. Why don’t you try for yourself?