Sexy Baccarat Terms to Remember

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Sexy baccarat is a form of baccarat where the live dealers are exotic, sexy women. This is mostly famous in Asia.

Sexy baccarat is very similar to traditional baccarat. The rules and regulations are the same. The only difference is the experience.


Experience Of The Casino Life

You get the glamourous experience of the casino life. You get to live the Vegas or Macau experience from the comfort of your own living room.

Wow, what a life!


Sexy Baccarat Table

Before you sit on a sexy baccarat table, you should know the basic terminology which is common around the table.


  • Bankroll

A player’s bankroll is the amount that they have to wager.


  • Banker Bet

Sexy baccarat has 3 hands – the Player, the Banker and the Tie. The Banker bet has the highest house edge of 1.06%. Most players believe it’s the safest bet.


  • Croupier

Croupier is another term for the dealer. This is more commonly used in Punto Banco and Chemin De Fer. The croupier is usually one of the players themselves. They control the shuffling, betting and dealings.


  • Edge Sorting

This is a technique used by some players which lets them identify some cards of the deck. They look for a slight difference in manufacturing or a fold in the card which would give them an edge on the table.


  • High Roller

A high roller is anyone who bets in large amounts. Baccarat usually has high rollers that don’t compare to any other gambling game. Some players even bet hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single session.


  • House Edge

House edge is the percentage edge that the casino has over the player. It’s basically the theoretical advantage that the casino has. It guarantees the casino will get its money.


  • Player Bet

The player bet is the bet opposite the banker. It has a probability of 44%, and the payout ratio is 1:1. This means that if the player bet wins, then you will double your initial bet.


  • Tie Bet

The tie bet is the riskiest bet. The probability is only 14%. But the payout ratio is 8:1, which sounds amazing. Players believe the tie bet is the riskiest bet and the one you should avoid at all costs.


  • Monkey 

Monkey is the baccarat term for the ten cards or any face card, all of which have a zero value in the game.


  • Natural

A natural occurs when either the banker or the player gets a score of 9 in the first two deals. This automatically finishes the hand.


  • Palette 

A palette is a long flat stick that croupiers can use on the baccarat table. This is to move cards around without having to physically stretch out and move them.


Playing Sexy Baccarat Online

There are now thousands of online casinos where you can play sexy baccarat. Are you looking for one too? Well, look no further, we’ve done our research to help you.

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Where to Play Sexy Baccarat?

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Sexy Baccarat is a game as old as time. The big tables have been going on for centuries. You can play baccarat just about anywhere now.

Baccarat has evolved over the years. There are many different versions of the game all across the globe. Today, baccarat has become popular online.

Online baccarat has given light to another variation of the game: sexy baccarat. Sexy baccarat has become increasingly popular. It has successfully managed to attract many baccarat fans. People all over the world have been glued to their screens watching live, sexy women deal with their cards.

Where Can I Play Sexy Baccarat?

Not all online casinos offer sexy baccarat. The majority of those that do offer sexy baccarat is based in Thailand. They offer their members deals and promotions to lure them in.

But how do you spot a fake website from a real one? That requires a lot of research. And we’ve got you covered!

Ufabet168 is an online casino where you can play sexy baccarat. Ufabet168 gives you the opportunity to compete in live tables that are being dealt with by exotic dealers. The rules of the game are the same as regular baccarat. So, don’t worry about learning any new rules and strategies.

Why Choose Ufabet168?

Ufabet168 is a user-friendly website that lets you play sexy baccarat on the website itself. The in-play option lets players play right away. You don’t need to play through a third-party website. Just click join, and you can get access to international baccarat tables.

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What is Sexy Baccarat?

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There has also been a new feature that has exemplified the experience: sexy baccarat.

Sexy baccarat is an aspect of online baccarat that has managed to attract more players towards the websites. Other than that, the rules are awesomely the same as regular baccarat.

Baccarat in Thailand is surrounded by razzle-dazzle. There are glamour and extravagance everywhere! The casinos are lit up by lights, drinks, and women. Baccarat is a game of the elite and luxurious.


With the introduction of online casinos, baccarat has become famous on online platforms. The online casinos are also designed to be bright and inviting to bring in the gamblers.


Rules of Sexy Baccarat

Like traditional baccarat, the rules of sexy baccarat are the same.

It is a simple card game in which the hands – the player and the banker- are dealt with cards. The purpose of sexy baccarat game is to bet on which hand will score closest to 9. The score depends on the numbers on the cards. The cards from 2-9 are worth their face value.


The only number at the right, counts as part of the score. For example, if the hand scores 17, then the score will only be 7. There is a tie declaration when both the banker and the player have the same score. The probability of this happening is exremely low.


Is Sexy Baccarat Safe? 

The answer is yes!

Sexy baccarat is safe. There are a few things you should just keep in mind before choosing your website.


Make sure to do your research before you deposit the money to any website. Many websites exploit their users and steal their money. The site must have SSL protection. This is when there is a tiny lock sign next to the URL on the top of your page.

To help you through this research process, we’ve done it for you!


Sexy Baccarat with Ufabet168

Ufabet168 is the perfect site for you to begin playing sexy baccarat. It’s a safe and reliable website that will provide you with a great time.


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In Conclusion

Sexy baccarat gives you a chance to play against the high rollers and elite of the world. There are different kinds of option you can choose from and you can start today!


Ufabet168 also has an app that you can download on your mobile phone. You can play baccarat anywhere at any time you want! It’s a great opportunity for those gamblers that enjoy the challenge.


Sexy baccarat offers exotic scenes for a gambler to enjoy their experience even more! Just like traditional casinos, there will be thousands of erotic women cheering you on. Give it a trial and see how you win!