Football betting website is an enjoyable moment for sport lovers or people of all ages. The thrill of winning big bucks is exciting for everyone!

Some celebrities have also won millions in sports betting. They have taken huge risks and added millions next to their net worth.

Here are some of the most famous football bettors in history.

The world champion boxer. The winner of many boxing rings, also called ‘monkey’. He’s also managed to become a gambling winner too.

He won $45,000 after backing Colorado State with a $50,000 bet. He also likes to tweet about his winnings and post bet slips too.

Imagine how much that would add to a $400 million net worth!

The famous rapper 50 Cent also likes to bet big. He also brags about them on twitter too. He won a $500K bet on one of the Giants games. He claims it was the voices in his head who told him to go for it!

Unfortunately, Michael Jordan couldn’t play the sportsbooks the way he played in the court. He admitted to losing about $165,000 in Atlantic City and another $1.25 million in a round of golf. Despite a ‘no betting code’ by the NBA, he did give gambling a shot. But it didn’t quite work out well for him.

Paul “The Golden Boy” Hornung was an American football player for the Packers. In 1963, he had bet $100 and $500 on the NFL and NCAA games. Doesn’t seem like much but it cost him a football season because it was against the rules.

Rapper Bryan recently posted on Instagram for betting $100,000 against fellow rapper AR-Ab for the 2018 Super Bowl. He then raised it to $200,000!

But the posts just disappeared shortly.

The former Cincinnati Reds player and manager is the only MLB player in history to play more than 500 games in 5 different positions. But that’s not all he’s famous for.

In 1989, he was the first person in baseball history to receive a life ban from baseball. This was because he was betting on the sport. He later admitted in his book, 14 years later, that he would bet in every single game of his.

He was famous for having his side ‘business’. He would bet on the largest sports syndicate in the country. He said he was making about $750,000 a week in college football!

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